I have been in business in Greensboro, NC, USA since December 1, 1991. I do work for businesses only. 

‚ÄčIf a company has sold you my business information, you have just wasted your money. The information I've seen online on my company's supposed sales are absolutely ridiculous and based on nothing but air. 

Scott Secretarial has one employee (me), has had employees in the past but no longer does as it was not cost effective. 

I do work for different industries, not just medical. See the front page of my Website to get an idea of these companies.

When I'm no longer in business, I will close my company. There is nothing to sell as my clients work with my business because they like my personal work, usually due to the high confidential nature of their work. One of my clients is my client because a larger company insisted on doing it their way and not his. 

In other words, my services are more like a virtual assistant than a business. My business has been around a long time, and so the name is not as "cool" as some of the newer names out there for this type of work.

If someone is selling you a course to get you into transcription, it is also a waste of your money. You need to look into doing a coding course, becoming a medical scribe (not the same as a medical transcriptionist), and EMR (electronic medical records) courses as this is the way the medical field is moving.

I hope some of the above information helps you with your research.

Wishing you success!

Eva P. Scott,  Owner